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2019 CSF – CSCRS Paper Session Winner


CSCRS-19 A North American Single-Blinded Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial for Outpatient Non-Antibiotic Management of Acute Uncomplicated Diverticulitis (MUD TRIAL): Feasibility and Lessons Learned

S. Al-Masrouri, E. Salama, S. Lachance, S. Sabboobeh, J. Savard, N. Morin, C. Vasilevsky, J. Faria, G. Ghitulescu, M. Boutros.  From McGill University, Montreal, Que.


2019 CSF – CSCRS E-Poster Winner


Treatment failure after conservative management of acute diverticulitis: a nationwide readmission database analysis

S. Al-Masrouri, F. Alrashid, K. Zhao, N. Morin, C. Vasilevsky, G. Ghitulescu, J. Faria, M. Boutros. From McGill University, Montreal, Que.