The Canadian Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons recognizes the value and opportunity that arise through collaborative efforts and partnerships with others.  The CSCRS is interested in investigating possibilities with other organizations that share the common goal of enhancing quality of care for all individuals affected by colorectal disease.

Currently, the CSCRS is exploring a number of educational and research activities, which benefit practicing colorectal surgeons, academic surgeons, as well as surgical trainees. Some of the programs under development include:

CSCRS Annual Meeting

The annual scientific meeting of the CSCRS is held at the Canadian Surgical Forum.  The Forum is the largest surgical meeting in Canada and is held by the Canadian Association of General Surgeons in partnership with the CSCRS and the Society of Thoracic Surgeons.  The “Best Paper” podium award is given annually at the CSF and the CSCRS is exploring display and booth possibilities at the forum.

CSCRS Research Fund

The CSCRS would like to initiate a research fund in colorectal surgery.  The Society has one research award for “Best Paper” given annually at the Canadian Surgery Forum, and would like to expand the research potential in the colorectal arena by offering continuous funding possibilities (2 or 3-year grants).

CME and CPD Material

Recognizing that colorectal surgeons are few in numbers and high in demand, it can be difficult to leave their practices to attend colorectal educational programs and symposia.  As such, the CSCRS is interested in sponsoring educational videos and taping of various colorectal seminars and sessions for distribution to its members.  Partnership in development of courses and audit tools so that Members can maintain a high standard of practice.

CSCRS Newsletter

The CSCRS is seeking funding towards development of a CSCRS Newsletter in order to inform the membership of current affairs in the world of colorectal surgery, provide information on Society activities as well as clinical topics and policy issues of importance to colorectal surgeons and residents.

CSCRS Website

The CSCRS Website which has been designed and will be housed at:  The site will be a useful tool for both the public and members of the Society.  Some development ideas include a directory for colorectal surgeons, clinical practice guidelines and position statement area, a Members’ publication forum and a Q&A for patients.  The CSCRS is also interested in partnering with other associations and societies on-line to provide a robust e-network for anyone who visits the site.

Collaborative Efforts

The CSCRS pursues liaisons and partnerships with other national and international organizations including the American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons, the Canadian Association of General Surgeons, Canadian Medical Association, and Canadian Society of Thoracic Surgeons.  Project initiatives include research awards, speaker programs and surgical collaborations for Evidence-Based Reviews in Surgery (EBRS).

The CSCRS is dedicated to setting and maintaining high professional and ethical standards to disseminate knowledge and encourage teaching and research related to colorectal disease.  The Society supports and promotes self-education, further development of the specialty, establishing post-graduate training and research, involvement in collaborative studies, and regional promotion of the specialty.   The CSCRS is committed to establishing collaborative efforts with partners and key stakeholders also committed to enhance quality of care for patients affected by colorectal disease.