The Gordon Lecture is given annually by a Colorectal Surgeon who has demonstrated outstanding achievement in the field of colorectal surgery. The inaugural lecturer was Herand Abcarian followed by Jose Guillem, Jim Church, and Hartley Stern, Francis Soew-Choen, David Rothenberger and Philip H. Gordon. This symposium takes place at the Canadian Surgery Forum.

2021 Lecture – Microbiome, Colon Cancer and Inverse Reinforcement Learning Dr. Heidi Nelson


Past Gordon Lecturers

2019 – Dr. Julio Garcia-Aguilar

2018 – Improving Healthcare – What Does It Take? Dr. R.S. McLeod

2017 -Fistula in Ano: from John Arderne to 2017  Dr. Stanley Goldberg

2016 – Abdominopereneal Resection – Technical Aspects and Outcomes
Dr. Torbjorn Holm (Stockholm, Sweden)

2015 – Robotic Surgery for Rectal Cancer
Dr. George Chang (Houston, Texas)

2014 – Impact of ERAS and NSQIP on Colorectal Surgery Outcomes
Dr. C. Ko (L.A.)

2013 – Hereditary cancer – A personal story
Dr. Z. Cohen (Toronto, Ontario)

2012 – Seeking truth in the surgical literature – The education of a medical editor
Dr. R.D. Madoff (Minneapolis, MN)

2011 – Diverticulitis – Who needs an operation? (audio recorded)
Dr. P.L. Roberts (Burlington, MA)

2010 – Surgical Technique and Rectal Cancer Outcome
Dr. M.J. Burnstein (Toronto, Ontario)

2009 – Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery
Dr. C.P. Delaney (Cleveland)

2008 – A Glance to the Rear – Looking Back on Twenty-five Years of Canadian Colorectal Surgery
Dr. P.H. Gordon (Montréal, Québec)

2007 – Measuring Patient Preferences and Surgical Equipoise in Colorectal Surgery
Dr. M.J. Solomon (Sydney)

2006 – Treatment Decisions for Rectal Cancer – Rationale, Conundrums and Controversies
Dr. D.A. Rothenberger (Minnesota)

2005 – Fibre and Colorectal Diseases – Facts and Myths
Dr. F. Seow-Choen (Singapore)

2004 – Setting Standards for Cancer Surgery in a Provincial Healthcare Scheme
Dr. H. Stern (Ottawa, Ontario)

2003 – Colorectal Cancer Screening – Who, What, Where and When?
Dr. J. Church (Cleveland)

2002 – Sphincter Saving Surgery for Rectal Carcinoma
Dr. J.G. Guillem (New York, NY)

2001 – The Surgical Treatment of Acute Sigmoid Diverticulities
Dr. H. Abcarian (University of Illinois)

2000 – Abdominal Surprises – An overview of Incidental Surgery
Dr. B. Wolff (Rochester, Minnesota)

1999 – Where are we now with the Ileal Pouch?
Dr. R. J. Nicholls (London, England)

1996 – Quality of life issues following rectal cancer surgery
Dr. James Church, Cleveland Clinic

1995 – Laparoscopic colon resection: collected experience
Dr. Steven Wexner Cleveland Clinic Florida

1994 – Prevention of recurrence of rectal cancer
Dr. Robert Beart – USC Los Angeles

1993 – Hôpital st-Justine, Montreal
Dr. Ernest Seidman (May meeting)

1992 Dr. Robert Fry – St. Louis Mo