CSCRS Awards

The “Dr. Robin McLeod” Award is presented to the best Resident research podium presentation and the prize is in the amount of $500.00. The CSCRS Award is bestowed annually at the Canadian Surgery Forum to recognize the “Best Paper” in colorectal surgery.



Past Winners

2019 Best Poster Award

Dr. Marylise Boutros

Treatment Failure After Conservative Management of Acute Diverticulitis: A Nationwide Readmission Database Analysis

2019 Best Podium Award

Dr. Dr. Marylise Boutros

A North American Single-Blinded Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial for Outpatient Non-Antibiotic Management of Acute Uncomplicated Diverticulitis (MUD TRIAL): Feasibility and Lessons Learned


2018 Best Poster Award

Dr. Sepehr Khorasani

Non operative management compared to radical resection of locally advanced rectal cancer following complete clinical response: A Markov decision analysis

2018 Best Podium Award

Dr. Aristithes Doumouras

The effect of simethicone on postoperative ileus in patients undergoing colorectal surgery (SPOT), a randomized controlled trial


2015 Dr. Robin McLeod Award
Dr. Oluwatomilayo Daodu
“Definitive Management of Fistula-in-ano Using Draining Setons”

2015 Best Poster
Dr. R. Garfinkle
“Diverticular Abscess Managed by Long Term Definitive Non-operative Intent Is Safe”


Dr. Richard Garfinkle
“Tumor Budding Predicts Recurrence After Curative Resection for T2N0 Colorectal Cancer”


Dr. Devon Richardson
“Self Reported Patterns of Rectal Cancer among General Surgeons in Canada”


Dr. Sean Forbes
“LongTerm Outcomes in Young Adult Survivors of Colorectal Cancer”

Dr. Cagla Eskicioglu
“The Use of Tailored Knowledge Translation Strategy to Change Bowel Preparation Practices”.


Dr. Heather Redstone
“The effects of glucagon-like peptide 2 & GLP-2 mimetibody on colonic anastomotic healing in a hypoxic rat model”


Dr. George Zogopoulos
“Characterization of Germline EPHB2 Variants in Familial Colorectal Cancer”.